What are Managed Services?

ICT Support has traditionally been handled by Computer Engineers who would attend to your ICT problems by driving to site and working physically on your Workstation. The problem with this approach is firstly that it loses you productivity, and secondly, that it is reactive in nature.

Enyuka’s Managed Services utilise the latest technology to proactively change the way your ICT Support is provided by remotely managing and supporting your Desktops, Laptops, Servers, VM's and Networks by integrating powerful automation software.

Managed Services allows Enyuka to;

Control Patch Management:

Enyuka uses Managed Services to control the Patch Management on your nodes (desktops, laptops, mac's, servers etc) to ensure that they have the maximum protection against security breaches and ever evolving Internet exploits so as to ensure that Manufacturer Patches are installed so as to ensure that the software on your devices perform optimally at all times.

Assist & Resolve Issues Remotely:

Enyuka is able to connect to your machine remotely to address the issue without having to come to site, often without impacting on your ability to work. Time is, as they say, money.

Track the age and Warranty on your Equipment (major brands):

This allows us to proactively monitor and track the age your equipment in order to advise your Company on a replacement strategy.

Perform Hardware Audits:

Once Managed Services are deployed Enyuka can audit and see the specifications of each machine (node) on your network. This includes make, model, Hard Drives (including space used), RAM, Software etc.

Perform Software Audits:

There is nothing worse that receiving a letter from the BSA about your Software Licencing unless you are 100% legal. Using Managed Services we can see list the software installed on all nodes and can check for duplicate keys (i.e. Software installed on more than the licenced numbers of machines). We will then pro-actively move your organisation towards Software Licence Compliance.

Monitor Antivirus:

Using Managed Services, Enyuka monitors your Anti-Virus (supported products) to ensure that you have the maximum protection at all times.

Monitor Backups:

When you deal with Enyuka, the one thing you will hear continually is backup, backup, backup! Through the years we have recovered the data of many, many businesses from the total loss of hardware (through failure, theft, water and even fire). Using Managed Services and best of breed software, we are able to monitor your backups daily and to proactively address any issues so that, in the event of a total loss, we can recover your data and have you back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Monitor General Network Health:

Managed Services allows us to monitor your networks and nodes (Server Nodes and User Nodes) to ensure the maximum amount of up-time. Mail and Communication Servers are monitored over the weekends and on Public Holidays to ensure the minimum downtime and inconvenience to you and your business.

Generate Monthly Reports:

Automated Monthly Management Reports are circulated informing you of your network health and technical issues that may be manefesting within your environment and in so doing place you in a position to make informed decisions.