VOIP Lines

Once of the main benefits of VOIP is the ability to connect to an Internet Gateway to make calls at rates substantially lower than that of incumbent telephone companies.

Voip lines are also often referred to as SIP lines.

In South Africa our incumbent Telephone Company is Telkom.

Telkom charges a minimum rate of 1 minute on telephone calls unless you are subscribed to their Supreme Call Service where you are pre-paying your calls. Thereafter Telkom charges you in ½ minute increments.

Per Second Based Billing:

By simply moving to a per second based call service (rather than a per minute based service) will afford you savings of up to 26%.

Enyuka is a proud Master Reseller of MTN Business and offer MTN Business’ leading edge VOIP Products.

Here are some rate comparisons between Telkom and MTN.

Rate Comparison



Per Minute excl VAT

MTN Business VOIP

Per Minute excl VAT

SA Local 61c 23,5c
SA National 83c 33,5c
MTN 118c 56,2c
Vodacom 118c 66,9c
Cell C & Others 118c 72c
UK Landline 53c 26c
USA Landline 53c 25c



  • Telkom are charging your 1 minute to connect and then in half minute increments.
  • MTN Business is charging you per second from the first second.
  • Rates Exclude VAT at December 2012, E&OE.