Satellite Connectivity

Broadband Internet Anywhere

Enyuka provides Broadband over satellite IP solutions that deliver speed, flexibility, reliability, optimization, and simplicity for require broadband over Satellite in locations where alternative broadband connectivity is unavailable or as backup to your existing broadband connection.


  • Rapid Installation
  • Optimized services (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation and inbuilt TCP acceleration)
  • High speed connection upgrades
  • High Bandwidth – up to 20Mbps downlink using standard equipment
  • Full QoS/prioritization
  • Seamless integration with existing/planned IT infrastructure
  • VPN via IPSec or user to server VPN via PPTP.
  • ICASA Licenced.


  • 1.2m Antenna with non-penetrating mounting and weighting ballast
  • High performance LNB
  • 3W Block up-converter
  • 30m Tx and Rx IF cabling and connectors
  • Linkstar satellite modem (RCST)
  • TCP/HTTP acceleration and compression
  • MPLS support
  • Adaptive Coding & Modulation – limit downtime due to rain


Enyuka’s Broadband over satellite solution is based on the industry leading Viasat Linkstar satellite Hub architecture. We use capacity on Intelesat W2A to ensure coverage over Southern Africa. The satellite Hub is based in the United Kingdom with a 99.5% uptime and Internet peering with a vast range of Tier1 internet service providers.