MPLS Networks

An MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) Network allows for the high performance transfer of Data over a WAN Network with better reliability and Quality of Service.

Enyuka’s MPLS business network solutions are designed and built to take advantage of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies in order to provide a superior connectivity solution for your business. A VPN is a private, secure network accessed via the internet, and it allows connections to be routed from your business, over the internet, to another company branch, employee or supplier.

Using MPLS Enyuka offers Carrier Grade Voice Services offering the latest in Fixed Mobile Voice Convergence Solutions to link your offices and your staff while offering you substancial cost savings on your calls.

Benefits of an Enyuka MPLS Network

  • Scalability : Enyuka will tailor a solution to meet your company's needs
  • Security : Improved e-business application support and security
  • Leading Technology : Benefit from innovation, leading technology and global reach
  • Peace of Mind : Superior network performance levels
  • Increased Productivity : Access to the tools with which to monitor and manage your network easily.