Managed Services and Automation

Solutions for ICT and business infrastructure

Twenty to Thirty Years ago big business started using ‘Mainframe’ Networks to centrally store and access data.

Ten to Twenty Years ago computers started becoming mainstream and were adopted by business’ to assist and to automate many business tasks. The typing pool became a thing of the past as PC’s allowed ‘on the fly’ changes to documents. As the prices came down the Small Business adoption of the PC exponentially grew and we were introduced to the Internet with technologies such as Email and Websites.

Today (and in the last ten years) PC’s, Servers, Email, Internet, Databases and Programmes are very much the centre of a business with almost every office bound user working on a PC or alternative, Network Connected device

The issue with this is that ICT Technology is very much the engine in your business. If your Network is down, many users stand idle and this costs your Company valuable time and unecessary expense.

In many cases the Internet is regarded as a critical business service, when this is down, email communication is lost, online (cloud) applications are unavailable rendering your business ineffective losing you time and money.

In order to minimise the downtime of your Business (and to maximise the productivity of your team) it is important to ensure that your ICT Infrastructure is sound and reliable and that it is properly maintained.

Traditional billing methods adopted by most ICT Companies support on a per hour, reactive, basis. This model makes no business sense. Think about it:
  • In this model recurring ICT failures are in the best interest of the reactive ICT Company (they only make money when you have a problem).
  • This leads to very little preventative maintenance being done (in favour of the ICT Company).
  • Response times depend on how busy your ICT Company is when you have a problem.
  • Responsibility for security (data and network) is not clearly defined.
  • You have no real control over your ICT Support expenditure or an understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership of your ICT Infrastructure.
With a Managed Services Agreement you have the following benefits:
  • ICT Maintenance Costs are controlled and budgetable (you have a fixed monthly fee).
  • Support is faster with Managed Services (80% + of faults can be attended to remotely).
  • Preventative Maintenance ensure a significantly more stable Network, with less downtime.
  • Areas of responsibility are clearly defined.
  • Through Consulting Advice, offered as part of a Managed Services Offering, we can together avoid expensive financial pitfalls which have the potential to place a business in a difficult and unattainable position.

The benefits of Managed Services are endless!

Let Enyuka meet with you to discuss the options and to show you how a Managed Services Agreement can benefit your business.