Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX system is a Cloud Based Telehone System

A hosted PBX system is a Cloud Based Telehone System that provides your Company with Telehone System functionality as a service.

This means that your company does not need to buy or install a Telephone System, only the actual handsets being used by each user.

Hosted PBX Systems are very feature rich with new technologies often becoming available on a Hosted PBX long before they become available on a physical hardware PBX’s.

In addition to the features available from premises-based PBX systems, hosted PBX offer facilities such as:

  • Allowing a single number to be presented for the entire company, despite its being geographically distributed. A company could even choose to have no premises, with workers connected from home using their domestic telephones but receiving the same features as any PBX user.
  • Allowing multimodal access, where employees access the network via a variety of telecommunications systems, including POTS, ISDN, cellular phones, and VOIP.
  • Allowing one extension to ring in multiple locations, on multiple devices (either concurrently or sequentially).
  • Supporting integration with custom toll plans (that allow intra company calls, even from private premises, to be dialled at a cheaper rate) and integrated billing and accounting (where calls made on a private line but on the company's behalf are billed centrally to the company).
  • Eliminating the need for companies to manage or pay for on-site hardware maintenance.
  • Allowing scalability so that a larger system is not needed if new employees are hired, and so that resources are not wasted if the number of employees is reduced.

Enyuka is a Master Reseller of MTN Business.

Enyuka is a proud Master Reseller of MTN Business and offer MTN Business’ leading edge Hosted PBX Products.

MTN Managed IP PBX is hosted on MTN Business’ highly available, carrier-grade Core Network Infrastructure and comprises a combination of best-in-class technologies, combining voice and data technology, to deliver innovative telephony to businesses over an Internet Protocol (IP) system.

This solution is subject to strict controls to ensure high levels of availability and reliability, including advanced security measures, and a consistently controlled and monitored environment to ensure the optimum performance of the infrastructure.