Enyuka Green

Sustainability for Our Future

  • Enyuka® Green (Pty) Ltd is a company that partners with suppliers of top-quality green products to bring environmentally-focused offerings to the market and educate people on best green practices in the buying experience.
  • These products are offered at warehouse prices and promptly delivered for only R 85.00 anywhere in South Africa.
about enyuka green
  • Enyuka® Green (Pty) Ltd is a company that partners with suppliers of top quality green branded products , that preserve our GAIA (Earth) through their use. These products bring environmentally focused offerings to you our customer.
  • We aim to educate our customers on suggested best green practices, create jobs in Southern Africa, and provide top quality green products that make a faster transition to a greener world easier, the world is our future.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for cutting edge new green products, and we will offer these, as and when they become available.
  • We are also proud to announce that Enyuka® Green will also be doing our part through our Ecobuck’s voucher programme, one percent of every Ecobuck® voucher sold on our websites will go to tree or food planting ventures in Southern Africa, so watch this space.
  • We are also proud to be associated with WWF SA, through the sale of Uniross products on our websites, proceeds from the sale of these products go directly to WWF SA.
  • We thank our customers, suppliers and other associated parties for their support in making the world a greener place.
Online Warehouses

Solar Warehouse is dedicated to bring you the technology to allow you to embrace this sustainable green energy solution. Solar Warehouse is proud to offer you the products to solve all your garden’s accent and pathway lighting needs along with security lighting solutions.

Battery Warehouse offers Uniross products like:

  • rechargeable batteries
  • battery chargers
  • environmentally-friendly alkaline batteries
  • environmentally-friendly NiMH batteries

Light Warehouse is proud to offer the Osram range of energy-efficient light bulbs like:

  • Halogenrange (30% saving in electricity)
  • Compact Fluorescentsor CFC (80% saving in electricity)
  • the future of the light bulb: the LED bulb (up to 95% saving in electricity and a life in excess of 20,000 hours!)

Energy Saving Warehouse seeks to address wasted electricity usage by bringing you innovative products that can save you up to 70% on the geyser portion of your electricity bill and a further 10% to 20% through Power Factor Correction.

Utility Warehouse brings you all these quality products:

  • everyday utility items including a wide range of Leatherman and Gerber multi-tools
  • Suunto precision sports instruments and GPS devices to take you from point A to B that much faster
  • a range of self-defence devices and other crowd control and safety items

Consumables Warehhouse introduces the following products to our online offering:

  • HP Printer Cartridges.
  • Other IT Consumable Products.

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