Email Hosting

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Prior to 1993 the Fax Machine ruled supreme as the technology of choice to send documents around the world. But all of that was to change with the introduction of Email (electronic mail). Today we can send email to multiple recipients around the world in a matter of seconds.

Enyuka is a licence ISP offering email solutions to meet your requirements:

POP3 Email:

  • Email on your personal or business domain.
  • House domains are also available.
  • Standard POP3 Email boxes are 20MB in size but any size can be configured.
  • Tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Hosted Exchange:

  • 25GB (or larger) Mailbox
  • Multiple email addresses on single account.
  • Receive your email on multiple devices
  • Email data is stored in the cloud – no more lost data.
  • Personally configured Anti-Spam.
  • Online calendaring.
  • Fully Managed and Supported.

SMTP Accounts:

  • Send email without changing configurations for different connections.
  • No hourly limits on emails.
  • Compatible with Mail Marketing Programmes.