Backup, Distaster Recovery and Restoration

Enyuka considers Data Backup Monitoring as one of the critical responsibilities that we undertake for our clients. Too often we are called in when it is too late and data is lost, in some cases data that cannot be recaptured.

Backups are critical to every user because all ICT Hardware has the potential to fail (hard drives crash, and we have a host of threats from Mother Nature (lighting, fire etc) not to mention the treats inherent in our society (theft, vandalism etc).

Data is critical to every business and the loss of data could potentially cost your business financially. Your business needs a good, reliable strategy for the safe backup of your critical business data.

When considering what Backup Solution is right for your business, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What is my
Recovery Point Objective?:

How much data can I afford to lose?
(usually measured in days)

What is my
Recovery Time Objective?:

How long can I afford to be offline
in the case of a total loss situation?
(such as burglary, theft, fire et ctera)

Once you have the answer to these questions we can advise you on the correct backup solution for you taking into consideration the following factors:

  • What type of Data is being backed up (i.e. databases, email et cetera)?
  • How much Data needs to be backed up?
  • How often should we back up (daily, weekly etc)?
  • What are the legal and practical requirements for data retention?
  • What technology (Software and Hardware) do we use to back up your Data.
  • Where is the backed up data stored (on site, off site, cloud etc)?

Remember: If you don’t have a reliable, tested backup solution you are threatening your business!