Protection, Efficiency and Agility.

That's why enyuka•com should be your Information and Communication Technology enabler.

  • Strategic Thinking and Methodical Approach.
  • Leading Technical Systems and Remote Workforce Delivery.
  • Managed Services Systems Automation.
  • Products, Technologies & Brands and Partnerships.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Management Priority.

Strategic Thinking and Methodical Approach.

Informatics design and the concepting science behind effective and efficient ICT, is what establishes apart from other informatics companies and technology methodologies in the market today.

"Fifth Fuel" methodology and mindset is a key component in any informatics design.

Energy saved is Energy made.

If ICT cannot be reported upon then it cannot be protected,managed,controlled or fine tuned. Incorrectly delivered ICT will also never save you any money and will be an endless drain on your resources and valuable time. People cannot be productive in an environment that does not perform to the requirements of the intended information workload.

ICT companies claiming an effective ad-hoc ICT service and remediation strategy without the use of rock solid hardware and software automation toolkits as well as applicable industry required certifications places any business at huge risk.

Enabling your business with powerful well manufactured,customised ICT tool set that is efficient and reliable whilst remaining protected and never compromising on security is the most sensible business move you can make guaranteed.

Enyuka's skill set in criteria of admin, finance,ICT and managed services place us in a unique position to deliver an optimal ICT service and ongoing maintenance portfolio.

Relationships with our clients span many years and is founded on principles of trust, dedication,ethics and a commitment to professional care at all times.

Enabling ICT in an efficient well protected ecosystem utilising best of breed products and enterprise toolkits aimed at ensuring uptime,protection and efficiency will yield a valuable return that will impress any beancounter.

Email or call us to have a trained dedicated sales consultant assist in empowering your business with next generation technology.

Leading Technical Systems and Remote Workforce Delivery.

Best of breed technology convergence with the advent of big data is changing the technology landscape entirely.Managing the modern business, its assets and processes is complex task.

Ensuring all assets,nodes and devices are protected,stable,healthy and properly accounted for is of paramount important to any business enterprise.

Considering an energy efficient strategy whilst understanding the crucial necessity and vision to leverage ICT in all forms to empower your remote work force and business enterprise is a matter not to be taken lightly.

Voice, Data and Video convergence with Energy conservation taking centre stage will drive the much needed change.

Managed Services Systems Automation.

Enyuka's Managed Services implementation will ensure best return for your ICT investment. A stable ICT ecosystem is a profitable one.

What are Managed Services? Google it :-) You will be glad you did.  Service Level Agreements are a simple way of us planning and responding  to a mission critical business failure.

Think about how important after hours operations and uptime is for your organisation and the reason for an SLA will make a lot more sense.

It’s not because we just want to sell you more paperwork... RTO and RPO is what we mean.

What's RPO or RTO you ask?It’s the difference between life and death in ICT terms.

Products, Technologies & Brands and Partnerships.

Enyuka's strategic partnerships with premium suppliers ensures best products, uncompromising value, quality and service: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, MTN Business and Eset International are among a few of our trusted business enablers and technology assisted delivery platforms.In-house custom developed CRM, Bulk SMS and other proprietary software solutions establish as a technology pioneer for the converging world.

Specialised investigation, interrogation and information gathering services are core to our business vision of maintaining business ethics and fair play.

Enyuka is constantly involved in interfacing with incumbents ensuring service portfolio management and service delivery that would otherwise go unnoticed due to the inability of any client not being in a position to interrogate effectively the services that are being billed for but may not be fully or accurately provided.

Disaster Recovery as a Management Priority.

All too often much focus is placed on service delivery and provisioning as opposed to data and service recovery. Perhaps consider that emphasis is better placed on what any specific technology provider can recover as opposed to what a provider can provision.

Provisioning advertising campaigns are nothing without a rock solid recovery strategy.Enyuka is a Registered and Certified Acronis Partner.

Business recovery and planning is key to continued business success and longevity in the face of adversity. leads the industry with recovery methods and technologies that are carefully selected and industry tested.

Tools of any international power include,diplomatic,economic,information and military. Information and Communication Technology as such is a priority essential to any organisation.

Is your business prepared and ready to face a Disaster Recovery situation?

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Managed ServicesCloudEnyuka-LiveSMS SolutionsConnectivity Brokering

Managed Services and Automation,BYOD implementations & Consulting.

Using state of the art technology proactive ICT Support is now a reality with affordable and controlled monthly expenditure.

If you don't take BYOD seriously it can ruin your business, make your attorneys rich and complicate your life.

BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE will work well in an honest world.

Secure your network against the next breed of cybercriminals with people and products that ensure your security.


Cloud and Virtualisation

What is it and what benefits can it offer your business? Cost Saving, Mobility? Office 365 is here.

The Hybrid technology or full cloud models both have their roles but which one will dominate.

The information Technology landscape is changing and careful planning of an on premise,hybrid or fully cloud based solution is indispensable.

Are you with the right team?  



Threat trends and fraud action information direct to the terminal.

As it happens,when it happens and how it happens.

Eyes on real time monitoring and up to the minute remediation strategies all correctly formulated to respond appropriately.

Extended protection for the business enterprise placing enyuka and its onboarded clientelle ahead and always in time.

Only available to Enyuka Managed services clientele.

SMS Solutions

Enyuka is high volume SMS facilitation company.

Our upstream providers have a 99.8 uptime and are WASPA members.

We are able to offer some of the most attractive SMS pricing in SA for high volume SMS users.

SMS can be uses in various ways to communicate with your customers ro to let them communicate with you.

Call us or email to have one of our trained dedicated consultants assist with the right SMS solution for your business.

Connectivity Brokering

Connectivity Brokering of ADSL, VDSL, LTE and Fibre Solutions to encompass an effective hybrid or cloud strategy when considering Big Data and what its effect will be on business is an essential part of an effective planning process of any network large or small.

Movement of data across the internet has to be done with consideration of cost without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Planning is key to any effective end to end connectivity solution.


Leading Technology Solutions

Leading Technology Solutions

Servers, Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Surfaces, Smart Phones are now ubiquitous.

Enyuka will advise your company of the best product to suit your companies individual application.

Get it wrong and you are going to pay a high price for the wrong solution that can cost your organisation dearly.

Data Leakage Prevention cannot be guaranteed without toolsets such as Acronis File Access and Microsofts Bitlocker.

Call us or email to have one of our trained dedicated sales consultants empower your business with next generation technology.


What is VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is really just a fancy acronym for Voice Technology?

Empower your business with the benefits and cost savings that VOIP can offer you.

Is your network changing alongside or being left behind?

Work from home, work from your mobile or work from anywhere.

One toolset enabling seamless communication from any location is now possible and affordable.


Anti-Virus & Cyber Threat Security Solutions

As the old saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure" This has never before been as true.

Globally cyber warfare is on the rise, don’t become victim to Virus or Malware attack that could cost you your business or your identity.

Enyuka has the right product portfolio and expertise to ensure that you are properly protected and informed.

Cyberwarefare and identity theft is real, Invest in the right cost effective business  solution with Enyuka today, you will be glad you did.

Call us or email to have one of our trained dedicated sales consultants empower and protect your business with next generation technology.


Data Protection and Retention policies ensuring compliance and versioning

Enyuka's Live Vault server backup and archiving solution provides a no fail,scalable cloud service to the enterprise.

Backup versions are retrievable over a 3 month or 7 year retention period in order to achieve industry compliance in sectors such as Legal,Finance and other critical business sectors.

Ensure your business complies to retention policies expected from suppliers and clients alike in order to protect your business in the event of a Disaster Recovery (DR) occurrence.

CEO'S be aware, be alert and stay protected.


Business Ethics

One may say that Business Ethics is an Oxymoron or that these terms cannot exist in the same sentence when observing what is shaping todays modern technology landscape.

Whilst most play by the rules, cybercriminals and fraudsters alike unfortunately do not and will at random without consequence attack any poorly protected network or user at the most unsuspecting moment. 

Protect your business with the power of information and security at your fingertips with Microsofts Office 365,Exchange Online Protection and Dual Factor Authentication, you will be glad you did.

Microsoft's Office 365 encompassing Power BI is the future trend of modern computing.

Fair Play

Enyuka provides Specialised, investigation, interrogation and information gathering services which serve as a core strength focused on maintaining business ethics and fair play across the industries Enyuka services,advises and protects.

Enyuka is a registered member of ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association) - Enyuka is an ICASA Licensed Internet Service Provider. is a registered trademark of the Enyuka Group PTY LTD.